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#27 - 2020-08-19 18:33:51
New firmware for HMP1 with new functions
New chip with more space allow improve the HMP1. Now can generate pulses of CKP and CMP simultaneously !!!

[feature] Generation of CKP and CMP simultaneously, programable y deslizable
[feature] Throttles: Makr point of max difference
[feature] Increased speed of measures
[feature] Throttles: Search mode
[feature] Mode Search automatic with search between TPS Min and Max
[feature] Hall Sensor testing
[feature] Pulses generator of 5v and frequency between 3 y 6000 hz
[feature] Pulses generator for ignition módules.
[feature] Generation of CKP and CMP pulses on 12v with pull-upp on M1 and M2
[feature] Pulse width reading, showed on miliseconds and dwell angle in %
[feature] Throttles: Autodetection of motor polarity.
[feature] Throttles and pedals: Autodetection of inversion of TPS1 and TPS2.
[feature] Pulses reader: Add calculation of ON/OFF time and Dwell.
[feature] Sens An: Added progress bar.
[feature] Connection screen added to help on connections forthe measure selected.
[feature] Added decimal when percen of TPS is under 10
[feature] Better round of percentajes
[bug fix] Logic: Dont shot High, Low and open
[feature] Refuse start in Search mode for the obturator not known.
[feature] Refuse the test if no throttle/pedal connected

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