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#32 - 2020-10-12 19:32:35
New version of LPA4, Car headlights on reminder
Now the time is adjustable.
Smart assistant car lights reminder
Avoid infractions for lights turned off, avoid battery problem because forget lights on.

Can work as simple adviser or automatic turn on of lights.
So small that fit in the palm of one hand.
So easy to install that only need 3 wires.

This device combine the LPA1 simplicity, LPA3 automated and all user suggestions.
You can suspend the LPA4 action, if you are in a place where the lights are not needed
Economic, small and efficient.

#31 - 2020-09-19 14:47:54
New ONLINE assembly quote
Today the online services are the most important. The customer search the instantaneous, prices and times.
SCHlabs start with a exclusive service at world level. Since today you can get an online quotation in the projects assemblys, completely interactive, instantanous and without human intervention.
Enjoy it.

#30 - 2020-09-03 19:43:30
New version of GNC2
The GNC2 project dont stop, we added new functions to make more easy the life to the customers.
This product is a revolution for CNG world.
Is a fuel switch for vehicles working at CNG.
The strong feature of this product is measure the pressure of tube in Bars.
With at least 10 more extra function make the best CNG product, the customers recommend one to another mouth to mouth.

Despite having so many functions, it is EASY to use, which is very important.
Built entirely of solid state, which means it has no moving parts or wear. That makes it easier to provide a 2 year warranty.

There are 2 variants with differents functions:
-Green digit switch ( the most economic)
-Red digit switch ( more functions )

-[feature] Added TR_FIX to swap green and blue on emergency
-[bug fix] Left ON, in OFF modo on barburated cars
-[feature] Added 1st generation, also called aspired on red switch
-[removed] Blue digits are discontinued

#29 - 2020-09-03 11:41:21
New firmware for the solar pool climatizer SOL2
The main function of this controller, is the climate control ( cooling and heating) of a swiming pool, and also the pool filtering.
Today we add functions, and is capable to manage boil, control the garden Lights, and progam days and hours of activity

#28 - 2020-08-21 19:06:15
New Project Hands Sanitizer
When a new customer arrive to the shop, must put their hands in the sanitizer device (photos unavailables )
The sanitizer detect the presence of the hands and rince a sanitizer liquid.
After the rinse two fans are accionated during 20 seconds with the finality of dry the hands.
When finish, the circuit will wait until the customer remove the hands.

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