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#22 - 2019-10-21 09:55:45
New TAU2 version fw811.03
Our products dont stop the progress. More function and a nearest contact with customer allow us a continue improvement

#21 - 2019-08-17 17:39:55
New Product BARCO1
This new project is a complete system that measure and shot all ship parameter. Indicating with a red box when some is out of value.
Linked with a GPS all data is stored in a datalog file into a microSD card.

The device actually measure

-6 Temperatures between -30°c ~ 130°c (-22°f~266°f)
-1 Temperature between 0°c ~ 1023°c (32°f~1873.4°f)
-1 OIL pressure 0~150 Psi ( 0 ~ 10.3 Bar)
-2 Voltages 0~16v
-4 Voltages 0~30v
-Speed and actual direction

Also you can check fuel consumption, fuel level, doors or another data up to 21 sensors
All data can be rised to the cloud and check from anywhere in the world.

All data into screen for easy view

#20 - 2019-07-17 20:18:57
New LPA4 to avoid transit infractions
Smart assistant car lights reminder
Avoid infractions for lights turned off, avoid battery problem because forget lights on.

Can work as simple adviser or automatic turn on of lights.
So small that fit in the palm of one hand.
So easy to install that only need 3 wires.

This device combine the LPA1 simplicity, LPA3 automated and all user suggestions.
You can suspend the LPA4 action, if you are in a place where the lights are not needed
Only door
When you activate this mode, the LPA dont will warn for on or of the lights, only will warn when: the engine is off, the light is on, and you open the door. This feature disable parking and twilight function.

Parking function
The light will stay on for 30 secconds after engine is off.

Twilight feature
This mode only will produce the advice and/or turn on/off when the light is lower than user marked level. To enable this function is required the optional sensor and install it on a place where receive external light.

#19 - 2019-06-22 16:24:52
We go to the David Orban conference in Buenos Aires
The proffesor of Singularity University specialist on StartsUps talk about their vission about the work in the near future.

#18 - 2019-01-30 18:48:48
Welcome Makework
From SCHlabs we want give a affordable welcome to Makework, to wich we start to assemble their products

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