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#25 - 2020-05-14 10:04:14
About COVID-19 and ours
The quarantine imposed in Argentina has affected our operation. Being basically a family business we continue to work from home.
This means that the telephone attention is reduced and that the response times of the WhatsApp are a little longer.
We also continue to produce and serve people with the same passion as the first day.

#24 - 2020-02-08 18:13:51
New project EAU1-ONOFF
his device is in communication with a car satelital tracking system and allow know remotelly when the engine is running or not.
Is based in the detection of oil pressure, and battery charge.
On this way can work even in old Diesel engines that have not electronics.
Was maded with a circuit that have 3 input, 2 outputs and one communication channel that allow great variety for different uses.
The challenge on it was get high production in very few time with high reliability.
The small size allow hide in almost any place of car

#23 - 2020-01-24 19:57:55
New project MAU1-GPS
Developed specifically to be the partnership of GPS tracking system. Working together allow see entire company vehicle fleet and show al engines parameters on the main room.
Also can stop the engine and report the failure

#22 - 2019-10-21 09:55:45
New TAU2 version fw811.03
Our products dont stop the progress. More function and a nearest contact with customer allow us a continue improvement

#21 - 2019-08-17 17:39:55
New Product BARCO1
This new project is a complete system that measure and shot all ship parameter. Indicating with a red box when some is out of value.
Linked with a GPS all data is stored in a datalog file into a microSD card.

The device actually measure

-6 Temperatures between -30°c ~ 130°c (-22°f~266°f)
-1 Temperature between 0°c ~ 1023°c (32°f~1873.4°f)
-1 OIL pressure 0~150 Psi ( 0 ~ 10.3 Bar)
-2 Voltages 0~16v
-4 Voltages 0~30v
-Speed and actual direction

Also you can check fuel consumption, fuel level, doors or another data up to 21 sensors
All data can be rised to the cloud and check from anywhere in the world.

All data into screen for easy view

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