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Electronic Designs

What is a electronic design?
A design is a custom electronic circuit maked at size of your needs.
For example if require control the temperature of a room, control a rinse system thru internet and WIFI.
A complete traniment system based on GPS, etc.

When is convenient make a design?
Make a design take a fixed work and fixed cost.
The difference between something that you will produce 1, 10, 100 or 1000 is relatively low.
Of course there are a big difference in the choosen components. In 1000 pieces is not the same a processor of u$s 10 that other of u$s 2.
But to assemble 5 pieces an import is not justified.

¿What advantages have make a own design?
Un producto con la forma que usted quiere, con su propia marca, de el tamaño que se adapta a sus necesidades.
Con proteccion de los derechos de autor. Porque es mucho mas dificil hackear un chip que leer una tarjeta SD.
En resumen ventaja es un trabajo profesional, dedicado y exclusivo que no se parece a ningún competidor.

How many time take do it?
Normally the projects take between 40 and 60 days depending the complexity of project.
The times are distributed in the following way:
7~10 days in the materials and components to be used.
5~10 days in the drawn of prototype printed circuit.
15 days in the prototype board prototype.
7~25 days in chips programming.
3 days in the mistakes fixing, changes and new features to be added on Revision A
Now the design is ready for production.

What scope has a development?
Normaly the project start when the customer with hand made papers ask for something.
And en with a product full finished, that have a circuit on plastic box, and a well termination details.
In the middle probably we will printing labels, or do injection matrix etc.

Is confidential and exclusives?
The developments are exclusives, only you can sell them. Is someone call to us we redirect to you.
The secrets of design still as secrets, however we will show one photo and a brief description about product on our web page.
This is to show what type of things we can do.

What type of thing we do?
We do everything that uses electronics, from a guitar audio amplifier to complex rince system of controlled by internet (called Internet Of Things)
To see the full list please check the product section

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