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Engine temperature protector for cars

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Poduct comment::«Very good, very accurate easy to install(ML)»

Engine temperature protector for cars

This device is essential to save the engine live.
The overtemperature is the most frequent cause of destroy car engines.
The red Light or original indicator generally only advice after damage.

The TAU2 do not need open coolant circuit, only must touch the probe with engine.
So easy to install as connect 12v, ground, and probe.
Economic, small and efficient.

How work

Normally the TAU2 measure the engine temperature in a range from 0°c(32°f) a 123°c(253.4°f)
The blue led advice when cooling fan is ON.
If the temperature is greater the CRITICAL temperature, the TAU2 start to emiting sound and digit blinks.
If the temperature still rise, the sound will be more annoying.
If the temperature is 6°c(42.8°f) greater that critical temperature, a shutdown signal will be sended, so if you put one external relay, then you can stop the engine.
You can mute the alarm or avoid the shutdown pressing the middle button.
The system is restored when the engine is off or temperature down.
If when the engine start, the temperature is hot, the sistem only will be activated when the temperature go down.


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