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Monitor and protector for cars and GPS tracking system

Code : MAU-GPS

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Monitor and protector for cars and GPS tracking system

The device measure the temperature, oil pressure, alternator charge, running engine.
In case of fail, informt it to the GPS module and generate a progressive engine shtudown for 25 secconds, and after that go to permanent off to the engine.
Using differents signals inform to the GPS module the following:

-Engine is running
-Alternator fail
-Oil pressure fail
-Engine overheating

The temperature output is a analog signal that represent temperatures between 70°c(158°f) a 123°c(253.4°f) con un voltaje de 0~2.5V

Do not need open coolant circuit, only must touch the probe with engine. Also do not need break or modify the original sensors of car.
Economic, small and efficient.

Install diagram

The electric installation is easy, only you must follow the diagram:
Relay connection
You can optionally install a shutdown for the engine. There are many ways to stop a engine, the installator must be take care to choose the way that:

-The driver dont loose the brakes.
-The driver dont loose the direction.
-The driver dont loose the vehicle control.

A logical way is cut the fuel.


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