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Car headlights on reminder

Code : LPA4

Poduct comment::«Good product, easy to install, the sound is subtle and not like the ones that come from the factory that drive you crazy.(ML)»
SKU:LPA4-BASE Base device without accesories
u$d 14
SKU:LPA4-CREPUSCULAR Equipment with Twilight Light Sensor
u$d 16.25

Car headlights on reminder

Smart assistant car lights reminder
Avoid infractions for lights turned off, avoid battery problem because forget lights on.

Can work as simple adviser or automatic turn on of lights.
So small that fit in the palm of one hand.
So easy to install that only need 3 wires.

This device combine the LPA1 simplicity, LPA3 automated and all user suggestions.
You can suspend the LPA4 action, if you are in a place where the lights are not needed
Economic, small and efficient.


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