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CNG digital switch

Code : GNC2

Poduct comment::«C'est le meilleur que j'aurais pu acheter pour remplacer ma précédente clé CNG. Je le recommande totalement !!!!(ML)»

CNG digital switch

This product is a revolution for CNG world.
Is a fuel switch for vehicles working at CNG.
The strong feature of this product is measure the pressure of tube in Bars.
With at least 10 more extra function make the best CNG product, the customers recommend one to another mouth to mouth.

Despite having so many functions, it is EASY to use, which is very important.
Built entirely of solid state, which means it has no moving parts or wear. That makes it easier to provide a 2 year warranty.

There are 4 variants with differents functions:
-Green digit switch ( the most economic)
-Red digit switch
-Blue digit switch ( more functions )
-White digit switch (limited version)

Installation Scheme

Install following the scheme.
A job well done does not take more than 30 minutes at the most 1 hour if you have never disarmed.
Consider the following directives.

-Work in a ventilated place. Remember that it is dangerous for gas to accumulate somewhere.
-Closes BOTH keys. The pressure is very high (200BAR = 2900Libras), the manometer can come out like a bullet and is not exaggerated.
-Do not smoke, or have heaters nearby, cell phone off and do not make sparks. You would be surprised how many people fail here.
-Use an aluminum washer, do not use teflon, grease, or other sealant.
-The connections must be soldered and isolated, the water and humidity sulfates the contacts and stops working after a few months
- That the manometer does not hit.
-Always be prudent

The wiring must be installed following the directives:
Error 1a Ground to engine (A) / Error 1b Ground to battery
Good 1 Ground to regulator (C), screw well fasten and whitout rust.
Error 2 Brown cable accompanies a long route to the main wiring
Good 1 The brown cable is separated from main wiring the most part of path
Error 3 Main wiring close to ignition cables (B)
Good 3 Main wiring goes away from ignition cables (B).
Error 4 Take 12v from ignition coil (E) or another place where take 12v
Good 4 The 12v is taken from contact key (F)
Error 5 Missing reinforcement between chassis and regulator (C)
Good 5 reinforcement between chassis and regulator (C)


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