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GPS for sports

Status : Discontinued
This product is discontinued, if you need some like this, please contact us
Code : GRF1
Version :

GPS for sports

This device permit register and monitoring all movements of the players in the game field. Also know accelerations, speeds, and extract important statistic data.
The localization is done by GPS system, working with 3 axis accelerometer give all information in real time into a terminal, and uploading all data to internet
This work as follow:
-The system work with cellular type battery
-Receive the GPS satellites cordinates
-Transmit al cordinates to a base, located at lower than 1200 meters
-The device transmit a to base the battery level, and can be managed from earth
-The base is USB connected to ordinary PC
-All data are instantanealy uploaded to the interNET
-With the data you can see drawings, and spreadsheet with all movements of sports


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GPS for Polo sport