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Monitor and Data Logger for seaship

Code : BARCO1
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Monitor and Data Logger for seaship

Complete system that measure and shot all ship parameter. Indicating with a red box when some is out of value.
Linked with a GPS all data is stored in a datalog file into a microSD card.

The device actually measure

-6 Temperatures between -30°c ~ 130°c (-22°f~266°f)
-1 Temperature between 0°c ~ 1023°c (32°f~1873.4°f)
-1 OIL pressure 0~150 Psi ( 0 ~ 10.3 Bar)
-2 Voltages 0~16v
-4 Voltages 0~30v
-Speed and actual direction

Also you can check fuel consumption, fuel level, doors or another data up to 21 sensors
All data can be rised to the cloud and check from anywhere in the world.

All data into screen for easy view

Log in SDcard

The system store every 10 secconds all read data.
This data are stored into a file inside on a pendrive, SDcard or external hard disk.
The filesystem can be removed or replaced ONLY when the system is off.
If the pendrive is missing the system will store the data internally, downgrading the lifetime of device.


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