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Ultra freezer temperature sensor for GPS trackers

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Ultra freezer temperature sensor for GPS trackers

Into the pharmaceutical and food industry the cold chain is very important. Is

En las Industrias farmaceutica y alimenticia es importante la cadena de frío. Is vital keep it al moment under control.
A recurrent problem problem is the lost of this chain under merchandise transportation.

This sensor in combination with a GPS tracker help to identify and solve this problem.
Have a measurement range from -40°c ~ 35°c (-40°f~95°f) that allow track your food, vaccines or medicament.
It is linked with the existent GPS tracker and so you can see the temperature in every moment.

Other important aspect is that the accuracy is better to 1 degree.
The sensor has the size of keyholder to be easily placed in any truck place of truck, take the power supply directly of the truck and is of low consumption to avoid the battery discharge.


This sensor was designed to measure at very low temperatures and with a big thermal range.
The original calibration round 3% os accuracy, but if you need improve you can perform a calibration.

The calibration is based on 3 parameters. 1. Internal Voltage, 2. Offset, 3. Gain
1. Internal Voltage. After adjust this value, the device will be periodically and automatically calibrated. Normally this step was made in factor so you dont need touch it.
2. Offser, is a fixed value that will be applied in same way to all measurement range. This value will be adjusted at ambient temperature for a acurate measure.
3. Gain. Sometimes at ambient temperature the read are right, but at end of scale have a small difference. This will be corrected changng the gain.
This say that full calibration will made adjusting 2 parameters, one at ambient temperature ( offset ), and the another at very cold temperature ( gain ).


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Ultra freezer temperature sensor for GPS tracker