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Injector and IAC valves tester

Code : HRR2

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Injector and IAC valves tester

The car engine of injection between years 1990 and 2008 have a valve to control the idle speed. This valve is called IAC (Idle Air Control) or commonly called stepper motor.
This valve is a common fail cause.

The car engine of indirect injection have coil based injectors, they split in two big groups: High and Low impedance.
This device can test almost all IAC valves and Stepper of car industry, both groups of injectors.

Is the tool more easy to use of the market.

Manufactured for hard work, with a high endurance.
The device test multiple IAC types ( Steppers, PWM, Continous current etc)
Is a elemental tool for any modern mechanic and avanced users.


-[FEATURE]Revision F del PCB
-[FEATURE]Rover type IAC added with autodetection
-Added Manual selection of test
-Updated thereshold level for low impedance injectors
-Added double coil PWM (Renault 21 and VW golf)
-Added service mode
-More slow for stepper
-Arreglado leds cuando se conecta un solo inyector
-More slower PWM IAC displacement
-Revision E
-Low impedance injectors up to 2mS
-New way to output control
-Fuse openning is marked as KITT
-Revision D
-DC Motor
-4 low impedance injectors
-[BUG FIX]Avoided false detection of stepper with 4 low impedance injectors.
-[BUG FIX]False shortcircuit detection with 3 injectors
-[FEATURE]Revision C SMT technology.
-[FEATURE]Rised up to 2.5A for each output, work up to 1 low impedance in direct way.
-[FEATURE]Rised current up to 0.8A for 2 injectors or more before shortcircuit error.
-[FEATURE] Added IAC 2 ways like Ford
-[FEATURE] Continous run for Steppers motors



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Injector and IAC tester