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Multi car sensor and actuator tester

Code : HMP1

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Multi car sensor and actuator tester

The HMP1 born as electronic body throttle tester.
But early grown new functions, until convert it in the most complete tool in the market for sensors and actuators.
At firmware 120.05 you will have 17 testers in one, without loose a friendly usage.
Thanks to the screen you can have a easy read of the sensors data.
With a Heavy Duty manufacture for a long lifetime.

Hall sensor Emulator

The HMP1 not only reads the phonic wheels, but can also generate the pulses to inject pulses towards the ECU
The pulses are 5v, so it simulates a HALL sensor.

1) Connect a test cable to the TPS1 input of the device. But do not make contact with anything.


Caution: Disconnect the sensor from the cable that goes to the ECU before sending a signal to the ECU

2) Connect the 12v and wait for the menu to appear on the screen.
3) Press the "+" and "-" buttons until you see writing "GEN CKP".


4) Press OK and the following information will appear on the screen:

You are generating phonic wheel pulses
Total teeth
One tooth missing
One tooth remains (2 teeth are attached)

5) Use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the wheel type.
60-2 + ​​0
A 60-tooth wheel with 2 missing
60-1 + 1
A wheel of 60 teeth, missing 1 and left 1
36-1 + 0
A 36-tooth wheel with 1 missing
44-2 + 0
A wheel of 44 teeth missing 2



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