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Keyboard emulator for Hardware shortcut

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Status : Discontinued
This product is discontinued, if you need some like this, please contact us

Keyboard emulator for Hardware shortcut

When you want someone to be able to consult data on a PC without letting you PLAY everywhere or all your information, this equipment is very useful.
There are 2 models, one with 4 and the other with 15 keys.
When you press a key, the team will 'simulate writing' a sequence of keys with which you will be able to see the desired information, but nothing else.

For example You can make a self-service terminal for your bank with this equipment. Nobody will touch strange combinations that can hang the terminal.

Another example: If you have a business and the manager needs to know how much was made of cash in the shift, but does not want to poke between the profits of the month, you will program the emulator so that he can see what you leave him.

Sometimes this is done by soft, but you can always make fun.

This team works under ALL Windows operating systems, Windows NT, Windows XP, Linux, DOS, BeOS, etc.
It does not use drivers and the PC never finds out about the existence of the equipment.


AT & ps/2
Operating system
135mm x 179mm x 40mm ( 53.1 in x 70.5 in x 15.7 in )


NGv controller is discontinued after 15 years
After 15 years of continuous production ...
Keyboard emulator