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Laser Shot Game

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Laser Shot Game

Fun laser game where 2 teams play to kill themselves with laser shots.
Set with sounds, vibrations, and music can give the kids a beautiful experience.
The shots are exhausted so you have to be careful, you have 3 lives and then must go to the base to resurrect.
Players can only kill their teammates from the opposing team.
For contract reasons the photos of the finished product cannot be displayed, only the printed circuits are shown

How work

Functionally it is a gun that when the player fires emits a visible laser in the red spectrum, an infrared beam modulated in 38khz and a spatial shot sound
With each shot the bullets run out, after 9 shots are exhausted the player must wait 2 seconds before firing again.
An infrared receiver is located in the chest to detect when the player is shot down.
Upon receiving the shot, the chest lights flicker, a life will be discounted, the gun will vibrate and a death sound will be emitted.
When the 3 lives are over, the chest lights will remain on, the funeral march will sound and the player will not be able to shoot anymore until they return to the base and restart the team.


New project EAU-glp
Showing of EAU circuit fexibility, born ...
Laser Shoot Gun Game