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Car headlights on reminder

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Code : LPA4
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Poduct comment::«Very good is recommended I always forgot the lights on.(ML)»

Car headlights on reminder

Smart assistant car lights reminder
Avoid infractions for lights turned off, avoid battery problem because forget lights on.

Can work as simple adviser or automatic turn on of lights.
So small that fit in the palm of one hand.
So easy to install that only need 3 wires.

This device combine the LPA1 simplicity, LPA3 automated and all user suggestions.
You can suspend the LPA4 action, if you are in a place where the lights are not needed
Economic, small and efficient.

Automatic mode

If you want add an external relay, the LPA4 can manage the lights with the following features:
-The lights are turned on 20 secconds after engine power up. If the lights turn on fail, a warning will be generated.
-If the sensor sold separately is added, the lights can turn on when detecting darkness (twilight on).
-As user preffer the lights will be switched off inmediatley when engine is stopped or can delay 30 seconds (called parking light).

The additional wiring diagram is the following:


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