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We are proffesional of electronic's, our especiality are the design, and production in small and medium scale. We can make a new development for you(exclusive or not) or manufacture some previously designed. Into the page design you can found how we work into design process, and see some of our worked proyects
into the Sales section you can buy our manufactured products.

Since 1990 we are working with the best and actualized tools:
5 osciloscopes
Chips prorammers
SMD workstation
SDD tools
and more

With experience in the international comerce with Mexico, Usa, Spain, and Chile.

If you need an:
Telephony devices
Computer peripeals
Industrial control
Gas and GNV accesories
Electronic car accesories
Infrared or RF applications
... Everything

Thru hole assembly
SMT assembly
100% tested
Up to 5000 units/year production
Good post-sale support
Works key in hand

Via software too:
Visual Basic Programs
C++ Programs
Bash y perl
Programming in Clipper
for Windows/Linux

SCHdev - (54) 11 4639-5945 - El araucano 1389 Cap Fed - Buenos Aires - Argentina

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